Custom checkers

Development of ECLAIR checkers for the automatic verification of conformance with respect to customer-defined coding rules.

Process integration

On-line/on-site assistance with the installation of ECLAIR and its integration with the customer’s development and build environments.


Public or on-site customized training for software developers, build engineers, quality control staff and tool administrators.

Software audit reviews

Evaluation of defects in the customer’s or suppliers’ code with respect to coding standards; assistance in the definition of a work plan to gradually bring the code base into conformance.

Complex software transformations

Leveraging the power of ECLAIR, assistance with the partial automatization of complex refactorings, including the porting to 64-bit architectures and to Unicode text representations.

Services relating to the Parma Polyhedra Library

We are the architects and, since 2001, the core development team of the Parma Polyhedra Library. This is used worldwide in numerous applications that need to correctly and precisely reason about numerical quantities. These applications include compilers (such as GCC, the GNU Compiler Collection), model checkers, analyzers and verifiers for computer programs, digital and even analogic systems. We offer a full range of services relating to the PPL: maintenance, support, installation, integration, specific custom development, and training.