Evaluate ECLAIR

There are two ways to evaluate ECLAIR's functionality with respect to your software verification needs:
  • by requesting a Free Scan of your code, or
  • by requesting an evaluation version of ECLAIR.

The Free Scan Service

With this service, which is free of charge, you send to BUGSENG a self-contained software project along with a description of the verification tasks you are interested in. You may propose any mutual non-disclosure agreement you see fit. BUGSENG will analyze your project with ECLAIR and will send back a selection of the analysis results that should be sufficient for evaluation purposes. The key advantages of the free scan service are:

  • it is completely free;
  • the only time investment on your part is the interpretation of the scan results;
  • if you decide to buy ECLAIR for the development of that project or a similar one, we will be able to provide you with personalized and immediately usable information that will let you be operational in minutes.

To request a Free Scan of your code, you have to complete a simple form.

Evaluation Versions of ECLAIR

BUGSENG is working on the supply of evaluation versions of ECLAIR. We will begin shipping them in January 2014. For the price of 150 EUR + VAT + shipping costs you will receive a USB key that will allow you to use an evaluation version of ECLAIR for a limited amount of time. In case you decide to buy a commercial licence of ECLAIR in the subsequent 12 months from the date of shipment of the evaluation version, 150 EUR will be discounted from your first payment as you will continue to use that USB key.

To request an evaluation version of ECLAIR, you have to complete a simple form.