about the company

A spin-off of the University of Parma, BUGSENG is built on 15 years of research on techniques for automated software analysis and verification techniques. These techniques are based on a mathematical theory of approximation that enables the design and proof of correctness of very sophisticated program verifiers.

The need for software verification is increasingly acute, considering the ever-growing presence of software in critical devices (for instance, in the automotive, aviation, and medical sectors). Even though BUGSENG's products and services are targeted at the global market, the company represents an important novelty for the Italian market and offers highly-qualified services not provided by its foreign competitors.


The main product developed by BUGSENG is ECLAIR, a flexible and extensible framework for the analysis of C and C++ source code. Among its many applications we have the automatic detection of violations of coding rules, either defined by the user or included in various coding standards (like MISRA C/C++, High-Integrity C++, CERT C/C++, JSF C++, Netrino Embedded C).

The extreme flexibility of ECLAIR allows it to be tailored for any software verification problem and to any software development process. The coding rules are specified in a very high-level language using a powerful library of services, something that greatly facilitates the adoption of project-specific coding rules.


BUGSENG mainly operates in the following service areas:

  • custom code verifiers: development of ECLAIR modules for the automatic verification of the conformity of code with respect to rules and criteria defined by and for customer;
  • process integration: on-line/on-site support for the installation of ECLAIR and its integration with the customer’s development environment;
  • training: public or on-site customized courses for developers, build engineers, quality control staff and administrators of the development tools;
  • software audit reviews: evaluation of defects in the customer's or suppliers' code with respect to coding standards; assistance in the definition of a work plan to gradually bring the code base into conformance;
  • complex software transformations: leveraging the power of ECLAIR, assistance with the partial automatization of complex refactorings, including the porting to 64-bit architectures and to Unicode text representations.